Imagine a lady anxiously for a magazine just because there is hardly another one to give her ' counsel on the zeitgeist' . She wants to know what is written in her horoscope stars, what is the recipe of her dream dish, what is the new I-phone all about, what is happening in Lollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood, what is that week' s Beauty Tips, what does her dream mean, what is new in the Islamic pages, what is the new way of dressing up, what are the new eligible faces questing for a pretty bride, and what not? Well, she wants to know it all and to all her riddles, there is only one answer, literally ' the news of the world' , the Urdu Family Magazine

The Urdu Family magazine is a women oriented magazine. As most of the material in magazine relates the women. The targeted topics which inherits the women interest are health tips, beauty, jewelry and fashion. Other than that it contains Islamic literature, showbiz masala, political stories, Sports news, kids corner (Kahanian), interview of special personality, True stories, bollywood, Holly wood and lollywood masala, weekly stars, and much more. One can find dumps of literature on these topics in the magazine. It is no doubt one of the largest Urdu circulated magazine in Pakistan.

Despite of the fact that it is a women oriented magazine yet it includes the interest literature of the opposite gender as well. Urdu Family Magazine is not a targeted audience magazine but it has gained the status of women magazine because it is the only magazine which has kept their interest topics a priority. Apart from the women interest topics the magazine includes the news and information on latest technologies and researches, business, current affairs, sports, horoscopes, celebrity gossip, short stories , recipes, entertainment and much more. It is definitely a family magazine where everyone can find something of his/her interest.

The launch of the magazine was done by sensing crave of an Urdu Magazine among the people. The magazine is no doubt a light piece of literature which is awaited by the people especially the women anxiously. The other thing which helped a lot in capturing and appealing the readers is that it is an Urdu magazine which is no doubt the major language in Pakistan. As the comparative ratio of the people who are comfortable with English is quite low in Pakistan.

The topics related to women interest in Urdu Family magazine are fashion which provides updates with pictures on the latest fashion. These fashion updates are normally originated from the leading brands and icons of the fashion industry. Other than it the magazine includes health and Beauty Tips which are originated by the people who are best in this trade. The magazine includes a separate portion for kids known as the kidscorner. This section involves short stories and mind sharpening games for kids. This section has become really popular among the children and their mothers. As they don t have to labor and search for the story books. The section which could be dedicated to men is one which includes the articles, information and news on current affairs, latest technologies and researches, entertainment and sports. These wide range of topics have enough flare to hold the audience and keep them stick to Urdu Family magazine.

As a sum of all detail mentioned Urdu Family Magazine is no doubt on of the top listed and most popular magazine in Pakistan which has been prepared by a perfect recipe which could tempt a person with good appetite for reading.